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POMERANIA to Be Established

Thursday, 18/12/2008
POMERANIA to Be Established

The process of designing the POMERANIA Scientific-Technological Park has now been set in motion. The Park is to be located on ul. Niemierzyńska.
The investment will be undertaken by the Szczecin Scientific-Technological Park. Initially, a few variants of the urban concept will be developed, and the entire project will be completed within 12 months, its total cost amounting to PLN 1,4 million. The Szczecin designers working under the supervision of Maciej Ziombirt, architect, will design modern buildings to house the Innovation Centre, the Technological Incubator , and the Computer Centre, which will form the POMERANIA complex. The commercial area of 12 000 m2, within the new technologies area in the buildings, will be available for 500 – 600 employees operating in the IT and telecommunications industry. The construction works are planned to commence in the first half of 2010, and the buildings will be commissioned in 2012. The total costs of the construction works, land management, and professional equipment are estimated at approximately PLN 100 million. The investment will be financed from the budget of Szczecin and EU grants.  
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