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A new base of Doll’s Theatre Pleciuga

Thursday, 03/04/2008
A new base of Doll’s Theatre Pleciuga

Building of a new base of “Pleciuga” started in April of this year. The building comes into being with modern, modernist shape, introduced into a composition of Żukowa Square surrounding. The solid of a new Pleciuga building has been designed in such a way, so that the theatre as well as possible fulfil the artistic functions, at the same time didn’t give up on functional rooms arrangement – said dr Knut Volquardsen, Managing Director of ECE Polska .


Building of a new base of “Pleciuga” will be realised within 12 months. The theatre will rise on the plot by Żukowa St. belonging to the city. Choice of location of a new base as well as specification of technical conditions of a new object in the whole took place after negotiations with the management of the theatre. Building of a new object as well as new objects which are a part of indispensable equipment for providing activity of the theatre in whole are financed by ECE company. To give the present base of “Pleciuga” will take place after the team has been moved out together with indispensable equipment (the cost of moving out will be covered by ECE company).

Knocking down of old base of the Theatre must take place in such a period, so that the activity break will not be longer than 4 months. Total building period of the Theatre cannot be longer than 12 months. Additionally ECE company will intend for cultural aims realised in Szczecin the amount of 500 thousands.


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