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The new air connection

Friday, 18/07/2008

Getting to Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and London-Luton by air will become possible in autumn this year.

’The airport Szczecin – Goleniow is very important for the regional development, it raises the rank of Szczecin metropolitan area’, said Krzysztof Nowak Deputy Mayor of Szczecin.
‘This year 3,5 m PLN was assigned for the realization of investment programme at the airport, for instance the enlargement of the parking zone’, he added.
A steady rise in the number of passengers and charters can be observed. Last year about 233 thousand passengers have used the airport services.
In accordance with Schengen agreement at the cost of over 10m PLN the terminal has been modernized and enlarged as well as the safety system has been improved.
’It is the first airport in Poland we can boast a modern communication system in the TETRA standard, enabling reliable connection with emergency services’, said Maciej Jarmusz the Chairman of the airport.
Another undertakings concerning the airport include the modernization and lengthening of the rail track from Szczecin to Goleniow within the Regional Operational Development of Zachodniopomorskie voivodship.

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