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Hewitt Associates exploring BPOpportunities

Friday, 22/05/2009
Hewitt Associates exploring BPOpportunities

One of the world’s largest providers of multi-service business-process outsourcing (BPO) in the field of human resources visited Szczecin in May to see all that the city offers potential investors.

Representatives of US-based Hewitt Associates joined with muncipal officials to meet with business people, scientists from Szczecin's universities, recruitment firms, companies from BPO sector, and the region’s Northern Chamber of Commerce. Anupam Prakash-Global, sourcing leader Hewitt Associates India, Edward Stanoch, director Hewitt Poland toured the city, with Deputy Mayor Krzysztof Nowak acting as host.

Hewitt's interest in Szczecin was piqued by the city's participation in the International Outsourcing Forum in Barcelona, as well as the experience of UniCredit Group, an Italian finanicial services giant with a fast-growing local BPO operation. Hewitt Associates employs 23,000 people in its branches in 33 countries.

The aim of the visit was an exploration of the resource potential for firms that seek to locate their BPO operations in Szczecin, which has made attracting these investors a lynchpin of the city's economic development plan. Company representatives also are interested in the training and small-business development opportunities, as well as the incentives on offer for foreign investors.

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