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Philharmonic building – setting a corner-stone

Friday, 02/12/2011
Philharmonic building – setting a corner-stone

On Friday a corner-stone was set on the building site of the new Philharmonic. The object “moves out of the ground”.

The new edifice has been built at the junction of Małopolska and Matejki Streets for a few months until now the Contractor – Warbud company has made two underground storeys that will be used as a two-storey car park in the future. One of deeper excavations in the history of Szczecin has been made to implement this aim. Diggers excavated 10 meters deep hollow.
Currently, at the building site there is being made a ceiling, which Warbud made in approximately 70%. Ground floor walls are also being built. Despite planned finishing of this object in 2013 it is a subject of interest just now, because of its modern and original form. The edifice of Szczecin Philharmonic will be the most modern object of this type in Poland. It was designed by the Spanish architects from Barozzi Veiga studio situated in Barcelona. More than 40 studios and offices from entire world had started to the architectonic competition for the project of this edifice.

- “Such a spectacular materialisation of dreams happens quite rarely” Andrzej Oryl, the Director of the Szczecin Philharmonic (Filharmonia Szczecińska) summarises the building in progress.

The form of this edifice will refer to the Szczecin landscape. It will be crowned with multi pitched roofs and a method of designing of the elevation will emphasize vertical directions and soaring character of the body. The building will become an icon of the Town architecture and important promotional element of Szczecin. Two concert halls of the object will have the capacity of 1200 music lovers.

- “We live in the times good for Szczecin” – emphasises Piotr Krzystek, the President of Szczecin. – “The tremendous objects are coming into existence in Szczecin. One of them is the new Philharmonic”.

This investment will cost 95 million zlotys. The task has received financing within the framework of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Regional Operational Program in the amount of 44,9 million zlotys.

- “I feel today that every of us participates in something enormous. Building of the new Philharmonic edifice is a big step in marking our generations in the history of this land” – summarised Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal of the Voivodeship.

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