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Szczecin under building

Friday, 18/11/2011
Szczecin under building

Between ten and twenty of city investments is being implemented in Szczecin. Their value reaches a few hundred million zlotys.

These are investments connected with building of constructions and roads.

A sports – performance hall is being built at Szafera Street. It is worth more than 140 million zlotys. This object is being built by Erbud company. Currently the preparational works for roofing the object are being executed. In autumn 2013 this Szczecin object will be an arena for Men’s European Volleyball Championships.

A modern Philharmonic edifice is being built at the junction of two Streets: Małopolska and Matejki. Currently, Warbud company is executing the works connected with a two-storey underground car park. Soon the object “will move out of the ground”. The cost of this investment is about 95 million zlotys. The modern Philharmonic edifice is to be ready in 2013.

At Świętego Ducha Street, the building of former transformer station is being reconstructed. Next year this building is to serve the cultural aims. Exhibitions or meetings of the persons of culture will take place in this object. The investment, being executed by Erbud company is worth about 15 million zlotys.

This year the Town has already executed two educational investments. There has been put into use a modern school at Złotowska Street. Soon also a new crèche, located in Warszewo district, will be put into use. The cost of both investments is more than 30 million zlotys.
Soon also a development of the crèche at Niedziałkowskiego Street will be started. A new wing of the object and a passage that connects the old part with new one will be built on. A renovation of the old part of this crèche will be executed too. The Town has designated about 6 million zlotys for this renovation.

Also the road investments are being conducted in the town. The most important is a modernisation of Struga Street. The works are being executed on the entire length of the investment from Jasna Street to Zwierzyniecka Street at the distance of more than 2 kilometers. There is being made an excavation for the roadways between Jasna and Łubinowa Streets and trestle bridges within the area of Pomorska Street. The Contractor of the works – Eurovia company, is getting ready to the works connected with starting of building of a viaduct that will enable a separated exit from Jasna Street. The cost of the entire investment is approximately 110 million zlotys. Finish of the works is expected in 2013.

The fifth stage of building of the Town Centre Ring Road (Obwodnica Śródmiejska) is being performed in the left-bank part of Szczecin. The cost of the works implemented by Energopol is more than 65 million zlotys. Making of new roadways is being implemented on the length from Krasińskiego Street to Arkońska Street. There is being executed a new railway viaduct over Arkońska Street. The Contractor is rebuilding also the crossings: Chopina Street with the ring road. Also the second task connected with this investment has been started. Rebuilding of a fragment of Krasińskiego Street and connecting it with the fifth stage of the Town Centre Ring Road. The works are to be finished in the second half of next year.

The renovation of Arkońska and Niemierzyńska Streets are also being performed. The new railway tramcar lines, roadways, pavements and bicycle paths are being made. The contractor has already renovated and put into use the fragment of Krasińskiego Street and Wyzwolenia Avenue. All the works shall be finished in the second half of 2012. The cost is approximately 55 million zlotys.

The Town is also building the Northern Route (Trasa Północna), which will finally connect Niebuszewo district with Szosa Polska Street. Currently a building of the first section of the route, consisting in modernisation of Warcisława Street (between Przyjaciół Żołnierza Street and Kresowa Street), building on the fragment between Kresowa Street and Bociania Street is being performed.
Also the crossing with Rostocka Street has been rebuilt. This investment shall be finished at the beginning of next year. At the moment the Town has announced a tender for the II stage of the Northern Route, which will lead from Bociania Street to Łączna Street and will consist in building of quite a new road. Łączna Street will also be rebuilt within the framework of this task.

The Town has also performed a territorial development. Currently the works are being implemented on Warszewo and Kijewo districts. Soon the territorial development of the areas belonging to the Special Economic Zone (Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna) Euro Park Mielec in Dunikowo and Trzebusz will be started.

Most of the investments conducted are subsidized from the European Union funds, both in the framework of the Infrastructure and Environment Program (Program Infrastruktura i Środowisko POiŚ) and RPO funds.

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