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The Szczecin Social Building Association the best in Poland

Friday, 18/11/2011
The Szczecin Social Building Association the best in Poland

The Szczecin Social Building Association has won the first place in a ranking of the all-Poland Ranking of the Best of SBS for 2011, organised by “Economic Zone (Strefa Gospodarki)” – a business supplement to “Gazeta Prawna Journal (Dziennik Gazety Prawnej) ”.

- “It’s a great award and reason to pleasure for us that our work has been appreciated” - says Grażyna Szotkowska, Chairman of the Szczecin Social Building Association (SBS). It’s, first of all, a credit for a wonderful, creative team of persons working in our partnership and a perfect co-operation with the City of Szczecin that is open to our ideas and supports us in all the activities – adds the Chairman of the victorious SBS.

The organisers of this ranking have analysed such issues as, among others, investments undertaken, financial data, activities on the field of real estate management, possessed awards and certificates, use of the EU resources, authority a given undertaking is pleased with in the sector. Also a co-operation of the company in a life of local societies was taken into consideration, integration with them and personal and quality politics.

- “I must admit that this verdict was surprising for us, we did not expect the first place. Also very important for me was the information that the most of the Polish SBS indicated in questionnaires just the Szczecin company as the best in their opinions in the country” – says Grażyna Szotkowska.

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