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Town planners appreciated Szczecin

Friday, 16/09/2011
Town planners appreciated  Szczecin

Szczecin triumphed in a competition organized by the Society of Polish Town Planners. The city was awarded, among others the main prize for the modernization of the Janiny Szczerskiej Square. Szczecin also received a congratulatory letter for the actions taken to spatial development of public spaces.

The contest results "The best public space in Poland" organized by the Society of Polish Town Planners were known ahead. The award ceremony was held on 15 September in Lubliniec during the Congress of Polish Cities. Szczecin was represented by the V-ce President Dariusz Was. He took the diploma of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the prize awarded by the Society of Polish Town Planners as a victory in category "the space in greenery". Urban planners awarded the modernization of the Janiny Szczerskiej Square. In the justification urban planners stated that "the prize was awarded for the skillful use of municipal greenery with accompanying infrastructure for the appreciable raise the standard of a larger and significant, in city scale, area in terms of the aesthetic, climatic and program effects appealing to social needs”.

Szczecin also received the honorable mention for the modernization of the Ojca Jakuba Wujka Square. In this case, town planners recognized that previously inaccesible public space was exemplary made available for disabled people.

The Society of Polish Town Planners also appreciated the whole city actions taken to create or revitalize public spaces of Szczecin. The competition organizers recognized that the City applicated to the competition six such projects completed in recent time (“Janiny Szczerskiej Square”, “Red Glade – Czerwona Polana”, “Lands around the little lake Jeziorko Sloneczne”, “Ojca Jakuba Wujka Square”, “Square closed to Swietej Barbary Street”.

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