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The new gallery in the downtown of Szczecin

Tuesday, 27/09/2011
The new gallery in the downtown of Szczecin

After several months of building Kaskada Gallery will be open. More than 140 shops, cafes and restaurants wait in this gallery for residents of Szczecin and the Western Pomerania.

The most modern and most elegant shopping mall in Szczecin and the rest of the Western Pomerania will be open on Wednesday 28 September 2011, it will contain 140 shops, cafes, restaurants and amenities specially selected for the residents of Szczecin. On three floors of the gallery there are available over 43 thousand square meters, which have been leased at 100%. For many companies present in the new center, these commercial places will be the first stores in Szczecin - this applies to brands such as Saturn, Van Graaf, Alma, C&A, Intersport, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, New Look, River Island, Pepe Jeans, Humanic, Pandora, Parfois, Starbucks and Nanu Nana. Additionally, known throughout Europe, the company "Pure" will open at the Gallery the largest in Szczecin fitness studio on the area of 1800 square meters. Also about one thousand parking places wait for customers.

The pan-European real estate fund „ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund” is the owner of this project, worth about 190 million € (approximately 845,5 million PLN). Kaskada Gallery opening in Szczecin allowed to create about 1200 new jobs, both full-time employment and part-time employment. The Kaskada Gallery management is the responsibility of the ECE company, which was also responsible for planning, construction and completion of the investment.

In this place, in which the new gallery raised, in the past was a legendary restaurant „Kaskada”. This restaurant was completely destroyed by a fire in 1981. The newly opened Kaskada Gallery, whose name conscious refers to the history of this place, is a sign of continuing the best traditions of this vibrant part of the town.

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