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Norwegians in Szczecin and Goleniow

Tuesday, 27/09/2011
Norwegians in Szczecin and Goleniow

The Norwegian potentate in the building branch – Reinertsen AS – noticed starting his investment in our region. The seat of the Polish department, engineering and commercial back-up facilities will find their place in Szczecin, the production is planned in Goleniow.

Until now Norwegians employed Polish workers in their home plants. The Western Pomeranian project is the result of a decision that just in Poland to create a factory producing prefabricated products for the building branch. In the first stage Norwegians are planning to hire 50 employees, of which at least half will work in Szczecin. Eventually up to 200 people will find an employment.

Reinertsen Polen Ltd is the Norwegian building company, which has a wide backlog of activities – from airport technologies up to a public infrastructure. Mr. Kaare Nordbo, the chief of the Szczecin Department of the Scandinavian-Polish Economic Chamber is the Norwegians proxy in Szczecin. Mr. Nordbo together with the President Bogdan Jaroszewicz and the Marshal Wojciech Drozdz noticed the new investment project during the festivity EU Presidency Golf Cup, which was played last weekend in Binowo Golf Park near Szczecin.

Until now Reinertsen only employed Polish workers in his implementations in Norway. The decision to expand operations and create a prefabricated products manufacturing plant in Szczecin fell rapidly. Reinertsen is also concerned about locating here a part of his business processes for the Norway's original company, employing nearly 2000 employees. In Szczecin Norwegians will have their offices in the newly built Ostrowska Park.

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