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City closer to water

Wednesday, 31/08/2011
City closer to water

Owners of all embankments of Szczecin, located between the main railway station and the harbour master’s office, have signed a co-operation letter. The aim of signing the letter is activating embankments areas in an economical, social, cultural, educational and sport and recreation oriented way.

It means, that six owners of 3-kilometer-long embankment express will for co-operation. We may hope for the embankment to be revitalized. That will allow the city to welcome the biggest cruise ships at the foot of Wały Chrobrego. – Thanks to this agreement, Szczecin will get even closer to water – says the Mayor of the city of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek, who signed the letter as a representative of the city of Szczecin – Embankments should be vivid for many months a year and be very attractive.

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