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The stone with small bricks

Tuesday, 16/08/2011
The stone with small bricks

The foundation stone on the building place of the sports and entertainment hall at Szafera street was embed. This is the subsequent sports object, which arises in Szczecin in recent years.

- The city is developing sporting infrastructure – Szczecin President Piotr Krzystek stressed at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone - Since 2010 Szczecin has a modern Olympic swimming pool. Now it implements the sports – entertainment hall. It is the largest object of its kind built in Szczecin.

Szczecin long waited for construction of the hall. The property was predicted to build in the 80s years of the twentieth century. Residents even participated in the collection of money for this purpose. Special small bricks were distributed among others in the workplaces. Some of these bricks were sent to a metal tube placed in the foundation stone by Mr President Krzystek and Mr Grzegorz Krzywicki of Erbud - the company that builds the hall. - We succeed recovering some of the bricks - added the President Krzystek – In this way this one actually hit the building hall. In addition to a tube inserted front pages of local newspapers and the foundation act.

Construction of the hall began last autumn. The works are going according to the plan. Object constructions are done. Already saw the outline. The first tribunes were mounted.

The deadline is the autumn 2013, in accordance with the agreement signed by the city with the contractor. The hall is to be ready already in the spring of 2013, as it is to be an arena for the European Championships in men's volleyball, which will be held in September 2013 in Poland and Denmark.

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