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Szczecin advanced in the ranking

Tuesday, 19/07/2011
Szczecin advanced in the ranking

Szczecin took the 5 place in this year’s Self-governments Ranking by the daily Rzeczpospolita. The city improved its position by three places.
The results of the ranking were announced in Warsaw. Out city was assessed in the city-county category. It is worth to mention that in the category of rural communes first place was occupied by Stepnica.
It was a two stage ranking. In the first stage a group of specialists on self-governmental issues assessed data from the Ministry of Finance. In the second stage the group verified questionnaires sent by self-governments. The survey contained several questions, i.e. about the realization of contracts with NGOs, new business entities, ISO standards or the unemployment rate. This year, special attention was paid to the self-governments’ finances. The group of specialists analyzed the expenditure growth dynamics per capita, the level of income and expense per capita, the effectiveness of EU funds acquisition, the debts of self-governments in connection with their incomes or the relation between investment costs and debt increase.
Szczecin ended in the 5 place with 64.49 points. Only Poznań, Sopot, Leszno and Zielona Góra were better than our city.

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