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Technopark Pomerania Starts

Friday, 03/06/2011
Technopark Pomerania Starts

After nearly four years of preparatory work, the construction of three new buildings of the Technopark Pomerania starts, which will be located at the Niemierzyńska street. A contract for construction works and construction phase I of the Park was signed . The investment in the expansion of the object, whose total value is 100 million zloty, which is the City of Szczecin an action designed to develop innovative businesses, important for the development of the region.

Work on the expansion of Technopark Pomerania begins soon after signing the contract. This investment will help not only local innovative businesses, but will also increase the attractiveness of Szczecin for foreign companies who willingly locate their activities in the parks of science and technology due to their specific organization, technical standards and a climate that is favorable in cooperation with other entities. Closing date will be provided at the end of the first quarter of 2013. Until that time, at the Niemierzyńska street, will be constructed three new buildings of the Technopark Pomerania with a total area of 11 thousand m2. The first building will be assigned to the center of innovation where companies from high-tech sector with high standard area. The second building will be located at the center of business incubation, which will offer a comprehensive program of business support for new businesses in the IT industry. The last building will be dedicated to the computer center, which will enable to provide new and advanced services by IT-related companies, with data processing and analysis and archiving information resources.

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