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On the construction site of the concert hall

Wednesday, 20/04/2011
On the construction site of the concert hall

There are works on foundations in the construction site of the edifice of the new concert hall that is built at the junction of Matejki St. and Małopolska St.

The building will be ready in two years, in May 2013.

The modern building of unusual appearance (the author of the project is ESTUDIO BAROZZI VEIGA S.L. BARCELONA) will have two concert spaces with 953 and 192 seats. Under the concert hall, there will be a spacious two-level parking for 157 cars.

The auditorium of the bigger hall will consist of a stage, main auditorium, as well as auditorium on front balconies, side balconies and the balcony behind the stage. The stage space should accommodate 120-person orchestra and 110-person choir. Organ will be located on the wall behind the stage. Chamber music concerts and vocal concerts will take place in the smaller hall. This hall should accommodate 30-person orchestra.

- The concert hall will be ready before the Tall Ships Races which will take place in Szczecin in 2013 – emphasized Piotr Krzystek, the president of Szczecin.

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