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School for the fist day of spring (truant student’s day)

Monday, 21/03/2011
School for the fist day of spring (truant student’s day)

Spacious, modern and safe – that’s short and adequate description of the new school at ul. Złotowska

It was opened on Monday the 21st of March. Today the first bell has rung and the lessons started for over 370 pupils.
Gala opening was led by Piotr Krzystek who hanged a plate with the school’s number on the new building’s wall. Earlier, the host of children, marching f rom the old school at ul. Duńska, had reached the square in the front of the new one. The mayor handed over to pupils a symbolic key to the school.

Until now the children of Warszewo were learning in the old building at ul. Duńska. The construction of the new one started in autumn 2009 year.

The school at ul. Złotowska 86 has been the first new built elementary school in Szczecin since the early 1990s.
It is the one of the most modern schools in Poland – spacious, children - friendly excellently equipped (e.g. the class rooms are air conditioned) and safe. The building is equipped with modern monitoring system – cameras are fixed in the corridors. The building is also adapted to the disabled children needs – there is a lift and a ramp for the wheelchairs by the entrance. The school has two floors and id divided into three parts: didactic, sports and gastronomic.

In the didactic part there is aula, day room, library and reading room, a separate didactic part for “0” form with its own entrance, class rooms for I-III forms. On the first floor there are class rooms for IV-VI forms with backgrounds and the staff room with social background and sanitation.

The sports part consists of two gyms. In the first, classical one of the size 30,9 x 21,0m, physical education will take place, the second, smaller one - 12,0 x 6,6m - was adapted to ballet courses.

The gastronomic part consists of canteen for 156 people and the background with the kitchen and washing up room.
A green oasis is located on the ground floor by the entrance: in the central point of the school a spruce tree has been planted and some greenery. A playground has been built in front of the school.

The school can be reached by public transport – it is located about 150m from the line 57 and 58 bus stop.

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