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The Office centre at al. Piastów

Friday, 11/02/2011
The Office centre at al. Piastów

More office blocks are being built in Szczecin. Construction of the new office complex has started at the junction of al. Piastów and al. Bohaterów Warszawy.

Norwegian RealKapital, which is going to build 3 modern blocks in the area, is the developer. Each building will have 5 floors. Total surface of the buildings is 20 000m2. There will be enough space for offices as well as for service part. The premises will also be rearranged. The developer has planned a spacious car park for 550 vehicles underneath the 3 buildings. The car parks will have two to three levels due to unevenness of the ground.

Some more new investments being built in Szczecin at present: Next to Brama Portowa (the Port Gate) Swede Centre is constructing two buildings (next to the post office and in the place of Grzybek). Koncepta is building 4 ones on ul.1 Maja. Another office block is being constructed by SGI in Łasztownia. Demolition of Dana building has been started on al. Wyzwolenia. It will be replaced by another office block.

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