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The Society for Metropolis

Wednesday, 02/03/2011
The Society for Metropolis

Uniform public transport system, consistent town and region planning, common system of waste utilizing will integrate Szczecin with neighboring communities. Szczecin Metropolitan Area Society is trying to find the best solutions. The society has just summed up its actions and elected a new board.

The general assembly took place on the 2 of March. In the nearest time its works will be directed by Piotr Krzystek the mayor of Szczecin, who has been elected the chairman for the second time. Beside him the board consists of Wojciech Dróżdż the vice marshal of Westpomeranian Voyvodship, Władyslaw Diakun the mayor of Police, Robert Krupowicz the mayor of Goleniów, Henryk Piłat the mayor of Goleniów and Marek Woś the prefect of Stary Czarnów.

“The society was created because the present model of community does not offer required development possibilities or realization of joint infrastructural project aiming at whole region development, increase of its international role and improvement of life standard of its inhabitants. In the nearest time we are going to continue with the projects that have been already started. We will concentrate on the common system of waste utilizing and uniform system of public transport” said Piotr Krzystek

Szczecin Metropolitan Area and SOM Society

SOM society has been working since September 2009 and continues activities of Local Government Regional Cooperation Society. At present it unites 11 local governments beside Szczecin and West Pomeranian Voyvodship. Communities whose governments belong to the society cover the area of 2,300 km2 inhabited by over 640 000 people. Szczecin is the only city in Poland which can create a transborder metropolitan area. That is why German local governments of the borderland communities are also included. Development of the metropolitan area is the one of the most important factors of rising the national and international status and competitiveness of the region. Creating of Szczecin Metropolitan Area (SOM) is connected with the actions aiming at consolidation of the bonds between Szczecin and neighboring communities, working out consistent urbanization system, integration of transport and communication network, strengthening human capital. It will result in economical growth and reduction of negative effects of migration to other parts of the country.

Szczecin Metropolitan Area Society head office
ul. Janosika 8
71-424 Szczecin
tel. 91 449 60 90
e-mail: biuro@som.szczecin.pl

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