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Sonion in Szczecin

Thursday, 24/02/2011
Sonion in Szczecin

A new investment and new work places in Szczecin. A new head office of Sonion Company is being built at ul. Kokosowa number 3.

“It is an important project that will provide new work places for qualified staff. The companies with the most modern technologies create the best workplaces and attract business partners” said Aleksander Bowelski, the deputy mayor of Szczecin.

On Tuesday the 23rd of February 2011 a symbolic bunch of branches was placed on the new building. The new building will be finished this year in July (some of the rooms will be ready for use in April) employees will have circa 3500 m2 surface on two floors at their disposal, There will be offices downstairs, production facilities – the hall requiring sterile environment - upstairs. Initially, 142 people working now at ul. Łukasińskiego in Szczecin and also in Stargard and Mierzyn will be transferred to the new head quarters. The new 30 ones will be employed in July. 300 is the planned number of employees at ul. Kokosowa. Thanks to it sales of the company’s products are expected to reach 50 mln PLN yearly.

Sonion Company is manufacturing modern medical equipment. Production lines fully destined for the factory in Vietnam and devices for insulin and biopsy are planned in Szczecin. The choice of the city is not accidental. Its advantage is excellent location, easy access to qualified staff. Szczecin-based Derkom Company is constructing the Sonion building

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