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Szczecin is building a beautiful concert hall

Tuesday, 01/03/2011
Szczecin is building a beautiful concert hall

By July 2013 the new building of Szczecin Concert Hall will be finished. It will be doubtless the most original and modern edifice of the kind in Poland.

Warbud Company is constructing the new building. Mayor Piotr Krzystek has signed today a new contract with Wojciech Gerber member of the Warbud board.

Szczecin is quickly making up for the lost years in the area of new public buildings. A new show and sports hall is being built. The new Olympic swimming pool, the Museum of Technology and the Puppet theatre “Pleciuga” has been finished and opened to the public. Thanks to these initiatives the city will become more attractive and the inhabitants as well as visitors will have a chance to take part in the significant events of international importance” said Piotr Krzystek.

The new building will be located in the city center at the junction of ul.Małopolska and ul.Matejki. Concerts of symphonic and organ music will take place there. There will be two concert halls with room enough for 1200 people. The Mieczysław Karłowicz Concert Hall will be the most modern edifice of the kind in Poland. Distinguished by unusually original form, it has been designed by Spanish architects of Barozzi Veiga Studio from Barcelona. Its shape alludes to Szczecin townscape and the closest surroundings of the plot it will be built on. It will have steep roofs and the method of elevation construction will emphasize vertical directions and slenderness of its form. The building will become an icon of the city’s architecture and an important feature of city promotion.

The new concert hall building will offer public space available for visitors all day long. Ground floor level that is entrance hall, box offices, a music CD and book stand and the café are supposed to encourage visiting the place and lingering inside. On the third floor exhibition space is designed for various exhibitions and events within the framework of Art Harmony Gallery. Photography, painting, sculpture, old instruments’ exhibitions will be accompanied by actions combining music, visual arts and the art of spoken word.

“We are glad and very proud of our city. Szczecin is proving nowadays that culture is neither superstructure nor tiresome addition we will be able to afford after we build everything else. Culture is the society’s foundation and the basis of all human actions. It can also become a kind of flywheel and the motor of development. Tourist as it happens visit most often the cities where there are some historical buildings, museums, theatres, galleries, concert halls“ said Andrzej Oryl The Mieczysław Karłowicz Concert Hall managing director.

According to the contract the construction of the new building will last 26 months and cost 95mln PLN. The enterprise has gained bailout of 44.9 million PLN within the framework of Westpomeranian Voyvodship Operational Program.

Basic data of the building:
Five floors – including two underground with car parks for 150 vehicles
Built up area – circa 3,200 m2
Usable surface of the building – circa 12,7m2
Cubature of the building – circa 98,000 m3
Two concert halls: the large one for 951 people, the smaller one for 192 people

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