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The school in Warszew - construction work reaches the final stage

Thursday, 27/01/2011
The school in Warszew - construction work reaches the final stage

The construction of the school in Warszew is over. Soon building approval tests of the new primary school will start.

After the approval tests and technical inspections, children of the Primary School No. 7 at ul. Duńska will be able to move into the new building. As at today, 373 pupils go to this school.

The facility was constructed at ul. Złotowska 86 in less than a year and a half. The work started at the turn of August and September 2009. It is one of the most modern schools in Poland – spacious, child-friendly, and excellently equipped (for example, the classrooms are air-conditioned) and safe.

At the entrance to the school there is the room of the janitor who will monitor persons entering the school. The facility is equipped with a modern monitoring system – cameras are installed in school corridors.
On the ground floor in the centre of the hall, a spruce will be planted. There will also be other plantations. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the school is its location on a hill, which makes it possible to view the Szczecin panorama from the windows (when the sky is cloudless, it is even possible to make out the windmills on the German side near Kołbaskowo).

The disabled can move around the school without any problems. There is a driveway at the entrance to the school, and inside the school there are lifts. Toilets are also adapted for the disabled.

The school is divided into three parts: education, sports and catering.

20 units have been prepared for the pupils: two for six-year-olds and 18 for grades  I-VI. The reception class (with a separate entrance from ul. Złotowska), classrooms for grades I – III, the hall, a spacious day-care room, a library and a reading room are located on the ground floor. There will also be changing rooms with lockers for every pupil. In total 760 lockers have been provided. The first floor, in turn, contains classrooms for older pupils from grades IV – VI.

There are two modern sports rooms in the facility. The smaller one (sized 12.0 m x 6.6 m) was adapted to the needs of ballet teaching. In the second room (sized 30.9 m x 21.0 m) physical education classes will take place. Moreover, a complex of pitches has been constructed for playing basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. In front of the entrance to the school, a very well-equipped playground for children has been laid.

In the school meals will be prepared, including hot meals. The facility is equipped with a modern kitchen and canteen with tables for 156 people.

The facility was constructed by the Szczecin company Calbud, which in the tendering procedure offered the lowest price for the contracting work (PLN 21.5 million)

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