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Szczecin gets a cutting-edge laboratory

Wednesday, 19/01/2011
Szczecin gets a cutting-edge laboratory

One of the most cutting-edge nanotechnology labs in Poland will be established in Szczecin. The construction of the Nanotechnology Education and Research Centre will cost 40 million zloty.

The Nanotechnology Education and Research Centre of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin will be a complex of 72 educational labs housing classes (lectures, seminars, labs) in the field of nanotechnology for the following studies – chemical technology, chemical and process engineering, technical physics, material engineering, biotechnology, environmental protection and construction.

The centre will be a modern educational facility with a lecture hall for 500 people, education rooms for students, a reading room, and a computer room. Thanks to the building’s being equipped in central technical gas and utilities installations, as well as specialist rooms of the highest standard of cleanness, education and research work in the field of nanotechnology, industrial nanobiotechnology, and nanobiomaterials will be performed at the supreme level. The centre will also feature the newest ICT solutions to enable teleconferences and the establishment of an e-learning platform.

„Nanotechnology is one of the youngest, but at the same time the most rapidly developing branches of science. The Szczecin centre will be one of the most cutting-edge laboratories in the country – stressed the pro-vice-chancellor of the University Professor Ryszard Kaleńczuk. It will be a modern base for interdisciplinary studies that will be launched from the 2010/11 academic year.
The work should be completed in 2 years - about 30 September 2012, confirmed the director of the Szczecin branch of the ERBUD S.A. company, which is the project contractor.

The Nanotechnology Centre will be constructed next to the building of the cross-faculty university on Al. Piastów in Szczecin.

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