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Financial support for the system

Tuesday, 11/01/2011
Financial support for the system

There will be money for the next stage of the public transport management system. The city will receive PLN 29.3 million to install surveillance cameras and information boards, and implement an electronic ticket system.

The first stage of the system is currently being implemented. By early February, 260 buses will be equipped with an inventory management system (ECUs, interfaces, alarm switches, and door sensors). Bus stops will feature the first LED dynamic passenger information boards, while the traffic headquarters of the Urban Transport Authority will have a new video wall that will display the movement of public transport vehicles.

The contractor must implement the first stage of the system this July. It will cost PLN 6.8 million.

The extension of the system does not end there Szczecin has made it to the list of places to receive financial support as part of the programme “The development of smart transport systems” within the Operational Programme ‘Infrastructure & Environment’. Szczecin’s project, under the name of “Improving public city transport in the Szczecin Metropolitan Area through telematic systems implementation” will receive funds of PLN 29.3 million. The cost of the entire project has been estimated at about PLN 40 million. Its implementation will be another step to improving public transport in Szczecin, making it more attractive and safe. The biggest advantage of the system will be better supervision over buses and trams.

The system is to be implemented by 2013. The project’s beneficiary is the Office of Municipal Roads and Transport Management.

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