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A good year for investment

Friday, 31/12/2010
A good year for investment

2010 was a good year to invest in Szczecin. The Olympic Pool and the Museum of Technology and Transport opened, and vital new investments started.

Facility investments

Last October saw the opening of the Museum of Technology and Transport in the former building of the tram depot on ul. Niemierzyńska. In its first week it has already been visited by several thousand people. Visitors to the museum can see old public transport vehicles (buses and trams), cars, and motorcycles on display.

In 2010 Szczecin’s wait for a modern Olympic Pool was finally over. It was constructed in place of the former outdoor swimming pool of the Szczecin Sports Centre. The swimming pool now boasts 10 lanes and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Two thousand people attended the official opening of the facility, which took place in November. In early December it hosted the Polish Swimming Championships. Another big event will be organised in late 2011, when Szczecin’s Olympic Pool will be the venue of the European Swimming Championships.
Since August, ul. Niemierzyńska has been home to a business incubator established under the auspices of the Science and Technology Park. This is the first phase in the creation of Szczecin’s own “silicon valley.”

Last year the Oxygen office block was opened at the junction of al. Wyzwolenia and ul. Malczewskiego. Also the construction of Lastadia Office in Łasztownia started. The building will be completed in 2012. Another investment, the “Kaskada” Shopping Centre, kicked off in spring with its opening scheduled for autumn 2011.

Szczecin will finally have a sports and entertainment arena. The facility, to be opened on ul. Szafera, will hold 7.3 thousand spectators. In December, Mayor of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek signed an agreement with Erbud for the construction of the arena.

Also, the procedure for choosing the contractor to build the new building of the Philharmonic is nearing its conclusion. Designed to feature two concert halls with a total of over 1,000 seats, it will be built on ul. Małopolska.

Finally, a new school for 500 children is under construction in Warszewo, on ul. Złotowska, and will be handed over early in this year. About 200 metres away, on ul. Duńska, a nursery is being built. It will be the most modern building of its type in Szczecin.

Road investments

Following the construction of the “Kaskada” Shopping Centre, the layout of the neighbouring streets will be changed. The Eurovia company is rebuilding ul. Obrońców Stalingradu (two-way traffic will be reintroduced after many years), al. Niepodległości, ul. Wojciecha, Żołnierza Polskiego Square, ul. Kaszubska, and al. Jana Pawła II. The work started in December and is planned to finish in summer.

The construction of the fifth section of the City Centre Ring Road has started. The work encompasses the section between ul. Duńska / Krasińskiego and ul. Arkońska. The roads will feature two lanes in each direction, pavements, and bicycle routes. An underpass will be located near ul. Łabędzia

Also undergoing modernisation is ul. Warcisława I, in the section from ul. Przyjaciół Żołnierza to ul. Rostocka and from ul. Wkrzańska to ul. Rostocka, and further to ul. Bociania. It is the first stage in the construction of the North Road, that will link Niebuszewo with the exit road to Police. The road will feature two lanes in each direction and bicycle routes. Space will be left for a future tram line. The layout of the junction of ul. Rostocka and ul. Warcisława and Wkrzańska will also be altered.

Not far away, the construction of ul. Nowokresowa started. The street will connect ul. Duńska and ul. Warcisława, and redirect some of the traffic from the so-called Stare Warszewo, providing easy access to companies located on ul. Kresowa and ul. Duńska.

A roundabout is being constructed on ul. Morwowa. It is to enable vehicles driving from the A6 motorway and the S3 expressway to join traffic more easily. Apart from the roundabout, the works are also aimed at improving the condition of the streets neighbouring ul. Morwowa.

The construction of another roundabout, on ul. Dąbska, will be finished in spring. Parts of ul. Pszenna, Handlowa, and Dąbska are also being renovated.

The contract-awarding procedure for the rebuilding of ul. Struga is coming to its conclusion. The Szczecin Municipality has chosen the tender by Eurovia, that proposed to modernise the street in the section from ul. Jasna to ul. Pomorska. The choice is still awaiting approval by Public Procurement Office. A section of ul. Struga will be dug up and exiting from ul. Łubinowa, ul. Wiosenna, and ul. Jasna will be possible via flyovers. The crossroads of ul. Struga and ul. Pomorska will also be rebuilt. Local traffic will pass through the roundabout, while transit traffic will run over flyovers.

In two years we will be able to drive along the newly-renovated ul. Arkońska and ul. Niemierzyńska. In late December 2010, Mayor Piotr Krzystek signed an agreement to renovate these streets. Szczecin’s Energopol will be contracted for the task. The scope of work will involve al. Wyzwolenia (from ul. Długosza to ul. Słowackiego), ul. Krasińskiego (from ul. Słowackiego to ul. Niemcewicza – along with the junction), ul. Niemierzyńska (from ul. Krasińskiego to ul. Papieża Pawła VI) and ul. Arkońska (from ul. Wszystkich Świętych to the tram terminus in Las Arkoński). Tracks, tarmac, pavements, car parks and bicycle routes will all be replaced and renovated.

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