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Technopark is closer

Wednesday, 29/12/2010
Technopark is closer

The construction of three buildings in Technopark Pomerania is to begin soon at ul. Niemierzyńska. The facilities will be handed over for use in 2013.
The Szczecin Science and Technology Park has announced a public procurement procedure for the construction. The opening of tenders has been planned for 2 February 2011.
The task will include

  1. The construction of three office buildings with an area of nearly 12,000 sq m, i.e.:
    • The Computer Centre Building with a usable area of 1,760.25 sq m
    • The Business Incubator Building with a usable area of 4,489.56 sq m
    • The Innovation Centre Building with a usable area of 5,187.50 sq m
  2. An underground garage for 116 passenger cars;
  3. Internal roads, car parks, pavements; the rebuilding of the road layout outside the lot;
  4. The planting of vegetation;
  5. The construction of technical infrastructure;
  6. The construction of two playing fields and the development of the area around them.

The work, costing about 100 million zloty, is scheduled to start next spring and will be finished by early 2013.
The investment is being co-financed from the funds of the Regional Operational Programme that will provide 31.5 million zloty. The rest will be paid by the Szczecin Municipality.

Last autumn the initial stage of Technopark Pomerania was completed – the former school building on ul. Niemierzyńska was renovated and handed over for use. Its 30 rooms house the Business Incubation Centre.

If you are looking for detailed information on the tender procedure, visit www.spnt.pl

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