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A new look for Aleja Kwiatowa

Thursday, 09/12/2010
A new look for Aleja Kwiatowa

A backlit clock, trickles of water running along the avenue, a glass pavilion, backlit pavements, and lots of greenery – these are elements of the new look for Aleja Kwiatowa. A tendering procedure for the development of this part of the Golden Trail has started.

The tendering procedure was announced by the Office of Municipal Roads and Transport Management.

The project of reconstruction of al. Kwiatowa refers both to the history of this place and the present and future architectural objects. Before the war, it was a parade square, and in the near future it is going to be the site (the vicinity of Brama Królewska) where the Museum of Breakthroughs and the new philharmonic’s building will be built.

Looking from the site of Brama Królewska, the avenue will start with a solar clock you will be able to walk on. On cloudy days and in the evenings, the clock will be backlit electronically.

At the other end of the avenue, looking from Plac Żołnierza, a glass pavilion is planned to be raised. The object will serve mainly gastronomic and exhibition purposes. Part of the pavilion will be situated underground. In springtime and summer, tables may be placed outside the pavilion. The pavilion will be lit in the evenings.

Backlit cobbles will be placed in different parts of the avenue and they will have different functions. The cobbles may act as benches or information carriers e.g. on Szczecin’s history, current events, etc.

Two thin trickles of water will run along the avenue and will be lit in the evenings.

The whole avenue will be filled with greenery. Similarly to how it is today, the trees and hedgerows will go along its course.

The opening of the bidding will be held on the 5th Jan 2011. Having signed the contract, the contractor will have 8 months from the day the construction site is passed on.

More details concerning the tendering procedure are available on the website of the Office of Municipal Roads and Transport Management.

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