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Boulevards will get more beautiful

Wednesday, 01/12/2010
Boulevards will get more beautiful

The city has selected contractors for the reconstruction of Piastowski and Gdyński boulevards. In a few days, a contract will be concluded, after which the contractor will start work on the construction site. This is also the fourth month of the modernisation of Elbląski Boulevard.

The revitalisation of these wharves is being carried out under the project “A promenade with a view to Odra – Reconstructing Szczecin boulevards”. The project assumes the comprehensive reconstruction of three boulevards - Elbląski, Piastowski, and Gdyński - by 2012.

The works planned for the Piastowski Boulevard include elaborate development of the land and the reconstruction of a section with a length of 909.5 m, from the junction with the Nadodrzański Boulevard to the Castle Route. Within the reconstruction, a new surface will also be laid, as well as new pavements, benches, rubbish bins, and infrastructure for servicing marine units, with elements for mooring ships: bollards - capstans, and lifebuoys. The connected utilities will encompass water, electricity, and waste-collecting systems. The revitalisation of the wharf proposes restoration work on the sandstone facade. After the completion of the investment, the Piastowski Boulevard is going to be closed to road traffic.

The contractor responsible for the reconstruction is a Gdańsk company, Navimor Invest. The cost has been estimated at ca. PLN 18 million.

On the Gdyński Boulevard, the reconstruction will cover a 500-metre-long section from the side of the Customs Office, from Most Długi to the Castle Route.
The wharf will undergo complex reshaping, i.e. replacing of the surface, adding elements for the mooring of marine units (bollards, capstans, and lifebuoys), and providing the land with electricity and water supply systems. A local port authority will also be located there, housing toilets, showers, laundry, etc. The boulevard is to be accessible to the disabled.

The contractor is a consortium of companies - Energopol – Szczecin and HYDROBUDOWA GDAŃSK S.A. The cost will amount to ca. PLN 11 million.

Since July, the Elbląski Boulevard has been reconstructed. The works anticipate the renovation of the damaged wharf, which is currently excluded from use and non-accessible to residents of the city and tourists. The character of the renewed site will be that of a stopping wharf with direct access to the road. This should be beneficial to the enlivening of this area of the city and significantly improve the aesthetics of the Odra wharf. The contractor responsible for this investment is the Energopol company from Szczecin.

We can send photos of the works to anyone interested

The project “A promenade with a view to Odra – Reconstructing Szczecin boulevards” is in 50 percent financed from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund, granted by the Board of the Westpomeranian Region.

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