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More new buses to arrive in the spring

Thursday, 02/12/2010
More new buses to arrive in the spring

14 low-floor and environmentally-friendly Solaris buses will arrive to Szczecin in the spring. The buses will come to the Szczecin Bus Company “Klonowica.”

In May Szczecin will be welcoming ten 12-metre long buses and four 18-metre long articulated buses.

Just like the previous buses, the new ones, purchased by SBC Klonowica, will be equipped with EEV engines with higher emission standards than currently in operation.

Each vehicle will also feature (e.g.) air conditioning, internal and external CCTV, electronic tables, an automatic system for identifying and extinguishing fires in the engine, a ramp on the second door facilitating an entrance and exit for (e.g.) disabled people, and a ticket machine. They  will also have a new colour design for the seats and arms, consistent with the Szczecin brand.
The new vehicles will replace the second-hand buses from Germany imported a few years ago.

The buses are to be delivered between 16 and 20 May 2011. After their arrival the age of half the buses used by SBC Klonowica will not exceed 3 years!

In a few days a tender for the delivery of 12 new buses will be decided by SBC Dąbie. The opening of the tenders will take place on 14 December.
Since 2008, the city has been progressively replacing public transport buses. This year the city’s two bus companies - SBC Klonowica and SBC Dąbie - received 40 new Solaris buses, 10, 12, and 18 metres in length. In the years 2008-2010 Szczecin has acquired as many as 70 state-of-the-art buses.

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