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Szczecin is building an arena

Thursday, 02/12/2010
Szczecin is building an arena

The Mayor of Szczecin has signed a contract for the construction of a sports and entertainment arena. The residents have waited for this facility for over 20 years.

The cost of the investment, amounting to almost PLN 140 million, will be implemented by a consortium composed of Erbud S.A., Maxi Star, and Maxi – Star Konstruktor companies. A contract for the construction of the arena was signed today by the representative of the consortium, Grzegorz Krzywicki and the Mayor of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek.

“I’m very happy that we can make this investment, which the residents have in great numbers identified as one of the key initiatives for Szczecin. And they indeed waited the longest for its start. Already by the mid-1980’s, on the initiative of the local sports community, the initial resources had been collected for the future arena. Now the dream will finally come true”. said Piotr Krzystek.

The consortium’s representative received a commemorative plaque from the Mayor, presenting 1980’s press clippings, with information on the planned construction of the arena and the funds collected for that undertaking.

The plans connected with this construction appeared three years before the establishment of our company. Being aware of the importance of this investment to the city, we will put in every effort to complete it as fast and as well as we can. We have already accomplished many tasks in Szczecin. Whenever it’s possible, we try to employ local companies to carry out constructions. I estimate around PLN 60 million from the contract will supply the budgets of local enterprises”said Grzegorz Krzywicki.

The company wants to enter the building site as soon as possible. According to the consortium’s representative, completing the investment may take up to 2.5 years. In autumn 2013, the facility may be host to the Men’s European Volleyball Championship. 

The arena is to be erected on ul. Szafera and will serve as a venue fit for the best sporting and cultural events. The investment will include the arena’s main edifice (part A), plus the office-service section (part B) and the sporting-recreational buildings (part C). Additional elements include a transformer station and essential connections. The main edifice will house multifunctional pitch, stands, and sanitary-social infrastructure. Depending on the type of event organised, the arena will hold up to 7.3 thousand people (5.3 in the stands and 2 thousand on the playing field). Building B, which is to serve as a maintenance unit for the complex, will contain cash desks, office-social infrastructure, conference rooms, and a restaurant. The main elements in Part C are to be a training room, gyms, a fitness room, conference rooms, and facilities for the media. Moreover, the complex is to include additional sports objects and laid-out green areas for rest. These will include

  • Three fields for playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, or football
  • Table-tennis tables
  • A skatepark for  skateboarding and rollerblading
  • A mini-amphitheatre for cultural events,
  • Green areas with a fountain,
  • Bicycle and walking paths. 
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