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10 Euro tickets successfully introduced

Monday, 29/11/2010
10 Euro tickets successfully introduced

A joint initiative by Szczecin, Deutsche Bahn, and VBB to promote rail connections between Berlin and Szczecin is starting to produce the desired results. An additional direct rail connection between the two cities is going to be run from December.

Since 1 August 2010 the cost of a single ticket from Berlin AB to Szczecin has been reduced from €16.70to €10. The effects of the ticket price reduction were discussed during a press conference that took place in Szczecin. Many travellers decided to take the opportunity, and the number of tickets sold during the first month after the price reduction doubled reaching 2300, while in September this year it was even five times bigger than a year ago. Almost 3 thousand €10 tickets were sold this September, which makes an almost 300% increase in comparison to the results from the same month last year.
Szczecin, VBB and DB agree that the results from the first three months are very positive, which should mobilise the partners to take further actions to improve the connections between Szczecin and Berlin.

Cheaper rail connections will make communication between these two agglomerations much more effective. The communication is now fast, safe, and punctual. Our common actions will also facilitate a promotion campaign for Szczecin in the capital city of Germany – says Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of the City.
Apart from promotional initiatives that aim at increasing the number of passengers travelling between Szczecin and Berlin, and rooting the sense of vicinity of the two cities into the minds of their residents, the partners are going to make endeavours towards speeding up electrification and development of the stretch between Passow and Szczecin. The partners are going to cooperate with the Cross-border Cooperation Committee and the Spatial Planning Committee, acting within the scope of Polish – German Intergovernmental Commission. At the same time, the partners are going to increase efforts to make the existing infrastructural problems the subject of discussion during the Polish-German intergovernmental consultations that will take place in Berlin in December this year.

“We would really like the project to be continued, hence the decision to introduce another direct connection. We are particularly interested in the modernisation  of the railway on the German side of the border, which would make travelling between the two cities much faster and more comfortable. By cooperating with Szczecin we would like to create opportunities to reach the Berlin airports quickly. Such a connection is also an opportunity for the  mutual promotion of these two cities” said Franz Hans-Werner,  President of VBB

The third direct connection and current offer
In December 2010, a new train timetable for the said connection is going to be introduced. Two daily direct connections between Szczecin and Berlin are going to be supplemented with a third one. In this way, people will be able to travel to both cities directly, without the need  to change during the morning, afternoon or evening. Basically, the journey will take less than two hours.

A single discount ticket between Berlin AB and Szczecin costs €7.50 (for children aged from 6 to 14, holders of BahnCards 25 and 50, and of Polish REGIOkarta). A daily return (one travel to and from the destination) costs €20, and a discount return €15.

A single ticket from either Potsdam AB or Berlin Schönefeld Airport to Szczecin costs €11.40, a single discount ticket €8.50,a daily return €22.80, and a discount return €17.00.

Single and daily return VBB tickets to and from Szczecin are also valid on public trams and buses in Szczecin.

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