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Money for Zone Infrastructure

Wednesday, 10/11/2010
Money for Zone Infrastructure

The subsidy to build the infrastructure of the areas of Duników and Trzebusz from Regional Operation Programme for Szczecin has been confirmed. Both areas have been classified as Szczecin’s subzone that belongs to the Special Economic Zone Euro Park Mielec.

An application entitled “Building the necessary technical infrastructure in the investment zones of Trebusz and Dunikow, intended for industrial and storage purposes” has been evaluated positively.

Building the infrastructure in these areas will make them more attractive for prospective investors. It will enable the release of the investment areas and creation of new job opportunities.

The two places have a total area of 61 hectares (Trzebusz – 38.9 hectares, Dunikowo – 22.7hectares). The scope of the project involves complete fitting of technical infrastructure properly connecting area with the communication system of the A6 motorway and the rest of the city.

The subsidy is estimated at about 30 million zloty. The remaining part, the so-called own share, is to be paid by the Szczecin City Common. The plots are to be fitted in 2012. The total cost of the infrastructure is going to reach about 60 – 70 million zlotys.

Apart from Duników and Trzebusz, the already-fitted areas at Struga / Maciejowicka Street (4.66 hectares) and Lubczyńska / Kniewska Streets (6.56 hectares) are also considered to be part of this zone. The zone consists of about 73 hectares of urban sites situated in the right-bank part of Szczecin.

Investors willing to invest in the areas of the Special Economic Zone can expect special preferential conditions such as: property tax exemption and the lowering of tax rates for the areas of the zone that will be included in the City Council bill concerning property tax.

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