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The Buses for the Szczecin’s Bus Company "Dąbie"

Monday, 08/11/2010
The Buses for the Szczecin’s Bus Company "Dąbie"

12 new buses will be bought by  Szczecin’s Bus Company “Dąbie”. Inside the buses several novelties may be found.

5 single-unit 12-metre vehicles are going to be delivered around next June, and 7 articulated 18-metre vehicles are going to be delivered in the beginning of 2012.

The vehicles will be equipped with an EEV engine, air conditioning, electronic boards, automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems inside the engine chamber, a ramp facilitating getting on and off the bus by disabled people that will be installed in entrance door No. 2, and a ticket machine. The colours of the seats and handrails will comply with the colours of the Szczecin logo. The buses will have standard-equipment monitoring systems. Additionally two cameras will be installed at the front of the bus. Entrance doors will be monitored as well. Single cameras installed at entrance doors No. 2, 3 and 4 of the articulated buses, as well as at entrance doors No. 2 and 3 of single-unit buses, will help drivers to observe passengers getting on and off the bus. An absolute novelty is going to be the fact that the buses will be equipped with a system that makes it impossible for an intoxicated driver to start the bus.

The vehicles will be painted in the Floating Garden colours.

40 new Solaris buses have been launched onto the streets of Szczecin this year, and 70 were launched during the last 4 years. A tender for further buses has been announced by a twin bus company on Klonowica Street. The company will buy 14 vehicles.
Thanks to this investment Szczecin will have exchanged nearly a hundred of buses within several years.

The opening of the service is planned for 14th Dec 2010.

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