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The construction of the Lastadia Office has commenced

Thursday, 04/11/2010
The construction of the Lastadia Office has commenced

The heart of the city is coming back to Łasztownia. The construction of a state-of-the –art A-class office building in ul. Zbożowa has officially commenced

The office building will be named the Lastadia Office, which is a reference to the Latin name of Łasztownia. It is the first investment in the Łasztownia area – a historic district of Szczecin. Śródodrze is an attractive area on the economic and cultural map of Szczecin – emphasises Piotr Krzystek – the Mayor of Szczecin. The Lastadia Office, being the first and one of the most important investments in this area, will perfectly match the process of creating service development systems as it encompasses new attractive office premises as well.

The SGI Baltis company is the investor and the building is to be ready in 2012.

A ground-breaking plaque was ceremoniously built in on the construction site in ul. Zbożowa on Wednesday. The ceremony was attended by Piotr Krzystek – the Mayor of the City of Szczecin, Romuald Stachowiak – the President of SGI Baltis, and Grzegorz Kawecki – the Deputy President of SGI Baltis.

The SGI Baltis building will be erected very near to the Oder riverside. Swedish experience concerning Malmö and German solutions introduced in Hamburg have become the inspiration for us and proved that harbour cities can provide a new quality of life – says Grzegorz Kawecki, the Deputy President of SGI Baltis. By realising this first investment in the full of potential area of Łasztownia, we would like to participate in the development process of the whole of Szczecin. During the work on the Lastadia concept, we were thinking not only of building a modern and functional office building but we also wanted to reconstruct the historic atmosphere of Łasztownia.

The building is going to be six floors high. The total premises is going to cover about 11.5 thousand square metres. The exterior of the building will remind one of the historic pre-war buildings. The elevation of the building will be irregular, ranging from 15 to 22m. New investments e.g. a modern marina will soon commence in this historical district of Szczecin. The reactivation of the Łasztownia area is possible thanks to the adaptation of a Local Area Development Plan.

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