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The revitalisation of ul. Kolumba

Thursday, 04/11/2010
The revitalisation of ul. Kolumba

The Szczecin City Commune has signed a Letter of Intent with the EKO – PARK company concerning the revitalisation of the areas situated in ul. Kolumba.

Choosing EKO – PARK is by no means accidental as it is a developer who possesses four riverside real estates situated in ul. Kolumba.

The letter was signed by Aleksander Buwelski – the Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, and Aleksander Galos – the Vice – President of the EKO – PARK company.

“The implementation of this project is a long-term and complex activity”, Aleksander Galos commented during the ceremony - “but we are not an ordinary developer who undertakes investments in an empty area.”

Ul. Kolumba is to become a place teeming with life. The revitalisation of the areas situated in ul. Kolumba will make them get back the old glory and attractiveness and allow the re-activation of the devastated part of the city, improve its architectural values, safety and living conditions, and also activate the economy.

Eventually, ul. Kolumba will change enormously. The traffic is to be diverted to the former railway siding. The Szczecin City Commune is negotiating taking over this area from the railway company.

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