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Trams for Szczecin are being made

Thursday, 21/10/2010
Trams for Szczecin are being made

We are witnessing the production of a low-floor tram for Szczecin, the first such vehicle in the post-war period. It is being constructed by Pesa of Bydgoszcz and the residents will see it in mid-November.

On Wednesday (20 October) the Mayor of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek, together with the CEO of the Szczecin Tram company, Krystian Wawrzyniak, and local journalists, visited the factory in Bydgoszcz. “We’re entering a new era” remarked Mayor Piotr Krzystek with satisfaction, seeing the modern vehicles.

“This is the most advanced tram in Europe” highlighted Marcin Jędryszka, the leader of the Pesa’s tram project. The company authorities have called the Szczecin series the “SWING”. This humorous name comes from the characteristic rocking of the vehicles on trackways and refers to the comfort of travel in a modern tram, which will be light and pleasant.

All in all, Szczecin will receive 6 Swings – 5-section, single-body, and totally low-floor vehicles. The assembly cycle for a whole tram takes only 21 days. The first one is almost ready, and at the moment it is being fitted with equipment. When the assembly is finished, it will be painted in the colours of the Floating Garden. In the opinion of the representatives of Pesa, the bold, modern style and the colour-way distinguish our trams from those in other cities. The Szczecin “low-floors” are characterised by yet another detail: at a length of nearly 32 metres, our Swings will be the longest in Poland. By comparison, the vehicles produced simultaneously for Warsaw are 1.5 metres shorter.

The interior of the trams is spacious and adjusted to the needs of the disabled. Each of them will hold over 200 people at a time and include monitoring and air-conditioning systems. Passengers will be able to buy a ticket in a ticket machine fitted inside the tram. Each vehicle will be equipped with 4 LCD displays providing information on the course of the route. The seat upholstery will comply with the Szczecin brand. Equally comfortable and equipped with electronics is the tram driver’s seat, as the Mayor could see for himself by sitting behind the steering wheel of a Swing already built for Warsaw.

The first Swing will arrive in Szczecin on 13th November. After its tests and the training of drivers in early December, it will make its debut on line 8, which runs from Basen Górniczy to Gumieńce. Swings will also be used on line 7 connecting Krzekowo to Basen Górniczy.
The city is planning the purchase of another 24 trams of this type and the reconstruction of trackways. When this has been completed, the list of routes serviced by the modern stock will be supplemented with lines 2 (basen Górniczy – Niebuszewo Station) and 4 (Potulicka – Pomorzany).

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