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Szczecin w Munich

Monday, 04/10/2010
Szczecin w Munich

Szczecin promotes its areas during the Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment - Expo Real in Munich

The trade fair opened today and lasts till Wednesday. Szczecin will be represented by the Deputy Mayor, Aleksander Buwelski.

During the trade fair, the city presents key investment areas:
- the airport areas in Dąbie (it will be the first presentation of these areas at such a large event after the Local Spatial Development Plan was adopted);
- areas included in the Special Economic Zone: Dunikowo, Trzebusz, lots on ul. Lubczyńska - Kniewska and ul. Struga.
- Łasztownia Island;
- areas of Międzyodrze;
- areas near ul. Sczaniecka and 1 Maja;

Areas intended, among other things, for housing construction, will also be presented.

Expo Real is taking place for the thirteenth time and in addition to the trade fair in Cannes, it is one of the most prestigious trade-fair events of this kind in the world. Beside eminent cities, the trade fair is attended by companies representing, inter alia, the finance industry and building developers.

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