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Hewlett-Packard in Szczecin

Thursday, 30/09/2010
Hewlett-Packard in Szczecin

The Hewlett-Packard Education and Research Centre has officially launched its activities at the Westpomeranian University of Technology (Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny, ZUT).

The centre, located in the building of the IT Faculty of ZUT (ul. Żołnierska 52), is the only institution of its kind in Poland. It was created as part of the HP's International Institute of Technology, aiming at supporting universities in Central and Eastern Europe, as part of the process of educating world-class IT specialists and at enabling students and lecturers to access the latest technologies.

The Centre is of an interfaculty character, which means that students of all specialisations will have access to its resources. The interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge within the project supports not only the development of IT science but also the preparation of specific solutions of problems in various fields of science and industry. To ensure the success of this innovative educational project, HP will equip the centre with advanced equipment installed by IT Serwis.

The formal opening of the Centre was attended by the authorities of the Westpomeranian University of Technology, the Dean of the IT Faculty and the Mayor of Szczecin City, Piotr Krzystek.

Szczecin is open to new ideas,” emphasised Mayor Krzystek “and supports such initiatives as the HP Education and Research Centre opened today. The implementation of new technologies and the development of the IT industry is currently a necessity. Students at technical departments of universities in Szczecin participate in the development of the city and in economic and public life.”

Launching the Centre will allow an increase in the competitiveness of the university and the whole region. Owing to new technologies available at the HP Education and Research Centre, it will be possible to modify the curriculum according to global IT trends, and to effectively implement this curriculum with the use of modern tools.

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