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Szczecin as an IT Leader

Wednesday, 29/09/2010
Szczecin as an IT Leader

A prestigious award for finance management
Szczecin has been awarded the title of IT Leader 2010. This distinction was given for the implementation of the city’s finance management system.

The IT Leader competition has been organised for 14 years by the magazine Computerworld. It is one of the most prestigious undertakings of its kind in Poland. Its objective is to award companies and institutions that are most successful in the IT field. Companies other than those operating in the IT industry - public sector institutions and public utility organisations - also take part in the competition. The main award in 2010 was presented in six categories. Szczecin turned out to be the best in the public-sector group.

IT Leaders were presented during the formal Gala, which took place in the Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw. The award was collected by the Mayor of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek, and Andrzej Feterowski, the Director of the IT Department of the City Office.

“It is a great success for the city to have been awarded such a prestigious title. It proves that actions undertaken to streamline the office’s work are heading in a good direction and we are not afraid of using the latest tools to achieve this,” said Piotr Krzystek.

It is not the first time that Szczecin has participated in the competition. In 1997 it was a finalist, and a year later it won the main award. This year’s distinction was awarded to Szczecin for the preparation and implementation of the city’s finance management system. Owing to this, Szczecin has become the first city in Poland that operates the budget within one system in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to such systems, public finance management becomes effective and transparent. It is important for every resident. It guarantees that spending our money is justified and smooth. Also companies wishing to invest in our city will receive a signal that they are entering a modern city.

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