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SPNT has funds for investments

Tuesday, 28/09/2010
SPNT has funds for investments

Money for the construction of Technopark Pomerania on ul. Niemierzyńska is available. In three years Szczecin will offer a modern centre for entrepreneurs.

The agreement for subsidising the investment from the funds of the Regional Operational Programme was concluded on Tuesday by the President of the Szczecin Science and Technology Park (Szczeciński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, SPNT) Grzegorz Fiuk, and the Marshal of the Voivodeship, Władysław Husejko. The Marshal provided funds in the amount of PLN 31.5 million, which accounts for 40% of the funds necessary for the investment. The remaining amount was provided by the Commune of Szczecin City.

The Szczecin Science and Technology Park, being the investor of the project, has received the building permit and has selected the contract engineer. Soon a tendering procedure will be announced for the construction of buildings. Entrepreneurs will have about 12 000 sq. m. of modern usable area in total at their disposal.

Within three years, three buildings housing the business incubation centre, innovation centre and computer centre will be erected in the area located on ul. Niemierzyńska. This is the first part of the investment, the value of which is estimated at PLN 100 million.

In the first building, intended for the purposes of the innovation centre, entrepreneurs will be provided with high-quality spaces of a high standard. The second building will house the business incubation centre, where IT startups will operate. The last building will be a place where the computer centre will be located, enabling activities to be conducted connected with the development of information web portals and vertical portals, data processing and informational resources archiving.

Last week the so-called “zero stage” of Technopark Pomerania was opened – the renovated building of a former school on ul. Niemierzyńska (30 rooms in total). It houses the business incubation centre. So far 14 companies have founded their HQ there.

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