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The swimming pool takes shape

Tuesday, 21/09/2010
The swimming pool takes shape

The City has finished planning the marking system of the Olympic Swimming Pool. The project is being prepared especially for the swimming pool. It makes use of the Floating Garden brand colour.

Designers from the Art Academy are working together with the city on the system. Prof. Andrzej Tomczak is the coordinator, and Ireneusz Kuriata, together with Andreas Guskos, are the designers. Elements of the Szczecin brand visual system Floating Garden 2050 are an inspiration for the spatial information. The system is being prepared especially for the needs of the Olympic Pool. In the context of the European Swimming Championships, which will take place in 2011, and with a view to foreign guests, the marking includes foreign-language versions. The spatial signage covers in its scope the whole area of the swimming pool, including the public, commercial and administrative spheres. Communication with people on the premises of the swimming pool will be effected by means of three types of information: colours (green, gray and navy blue – each zone has its own, individual colour assigned), pictographs and messages (in Polish and English).

The installation is planned for the middle of October.

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