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Letter of intent regarding Łasztownia

Monday, 20/09/2010
Letter of intent regarding Łasztownia

The Commune City of Szczecin has signed a letter of intent with the Polnord Company regarding the Łasztownia land development.

The letter was signed by Mayor Piotr Krzystek, and Wojciech Ciurzyński,  Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Polnord Joint Stock Company. It deals with the development of the land on the Starówek waterside, with a total area of approximately 2. 16 hectares.

According to the letter, the Commune City of Szczecin has committed itself to preparing assumptions for the development of the real estate to 31 March 2011, whereas the Polnord Company has committed itself to taking actions in order to check the possibilities, validity and profitability of the investment, jointly with the city.

The Parties judged as profitable the development of the land of Łasztownia under public-private partnership, pursuant to the regulations of the Act on public-private partnerships. The city treats Polnord as a serious, potential partner in the project realisation. It follows from the experience and status of the company. Together with the City of Gdańsk, Polnord prepared the development of the northern headland of Wyspa Spichrzów. At the moment, the Polnord Company is building the city-centre housing complex “Ku Słońcu” in Szczecin.

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