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Gantry Cranes from near Szczecin

Thursday, 09/09/2010
Gantry Cranes from near Szczecin

Another large company has started its business activities near Szczecin. A Finnish concern, Cargotec, has opened the doors of its new factory in Stargard Szczeciński.

The factory was established in the Stargard Industrial Park. The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday, 8th September of this year. The construction took one year and cost over 30 million euro. Currently, the company employs about 130 people, but there are plans to employ a total of 400 people in the future. Around the world, there are 9.5 thousand people working in this Finnish concern. It specialises in the construction of transshipping equipment, marketing hoisting and hauling equipment, as well as services connected with loading and unloading. The Stargard factory is going to produce gantry cranes, tail-gate trucks, and terminal tractors. The equipment is going to be shipped to European markets, and to the Middle East. According to Adam Ryniak, general manager of Cargotec Polska, the pace of the company’s development depends on both market demand for the company’s products and on the strategic plans of the concern. Their cranes are already sent to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

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