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The construction of Phase V of the ring road is beginning

Friday, 03/09/2010
The  construction of Phase V of the ring road is beginning

The Ring Road around Szczecin’s City Centre - Phase V - Construction of the road from Duńska - Krasińskiego Street to Arkońska Street - is one of the key road investments in Szczecin. The construction will begin in September.

Today, Mayor Piotr Krzystek and Assistant Trade Manager Marcin Konarzewski from ENERGOPOL SZCZECIN SA signed an agreement on realisation of the investment.
“We modernise and expand the road system in Szczecin in a planned and well-thought-out manner" said Piotr Krzystek. “Apart from implementing the next phase of the ring road, the North Route is being constructed and soon we will begin to rebuild Niemierzyńska and Arkońska streets. We have not forgotten about improving the connection of the right and left banks of Szczecin. Soon, we are going to organise a tender for the contractor for the modernisation of Struga Street.”
The construction of a ring road will improve traffic flow and, above all, relieve the streets in the city centre, inter alia, facilitating driving from the northern districts in the direction of Pogodno. The scope of the works includes:

  • construction of a new section of dual carriageway City Centre Ring Road with a  length of 1 160 m;
  • reconstruction of the crossroads of the ring road and Chopin Street
  • reconstruction of the crossroads of the ring road and Arkońska and– Niemierzyńska streets
  • reconstruction of Pope Paul VI Street;
  • construction of traffic lights at the crossroads of Chopin, Nina Rydzewska, Arkońska / Niemierzyńska streets and at the crossroads of the Arkońska / Niemierzyńska streets and Pope Paul VI Street;
  • construction of an underground passage under the ring road in the region of Łabędzia Street;
  • reconstruction of the railway viaduct over Arkońska Street; reconstruction of tram traction in the area of the Arkońska / Niemierzyńska streets reconstruction.
  • the constructed roads will have two lanes in each direction.

From the moment of signing the contract, the contractor will have 26 months to carry out the task. 70% of the project is funded from the Regional Operational Program of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2007-2013. The agreement for financing was signed on 29/12/2009 with the Board of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.  The Total Cost of construction of phase V is PLN 65 929 786.22

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