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The City selects the arena contractor

Wednesday, 18/08/2010
The City selects  the arena contractor

The Commune of Szczecin City has selected the most advantageous bid for the construction of a sports and show arena, which is to be erected in ul. Szafera.

After considering bids submitted by contractors and examining them in formal terms, the most meritorious bid was the one offered by the consortium of Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego nr 2 „WROBIS” Wrocław, ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS S.A Madryt, Mostostal Warszawa S.A. Warsaw, and Mostostal Puławy S.A Puławy – Azoty.

The consortium valued the construction of the arena at PLN 145 269 700.63.
Now, pursuant to the law, contractors whose bids were not selected, have time to appeal against the decision made by the tender commission. The procedure for selecting the contractor of the sports and show arena was divided into two stages in a form of restricted tendering.

16 contractors entered the first stage. They had to meet strict requirements concerning, among other things, technical capabilities, technical and human potential for implementing the task, and experience in implementing such investments. Companies’ financial situation ensuring the performance of the task was also checked. Seven contractors were invited to participate in the next stage. They had to submit, among other things, price bids. Having signed the agreement with the Commune of Szczecin City, the contractor will have 36 months to build the facility.

The sports and show arena in ul. Szafera will be a building where both top-rank sports and cultural events will take place. As part of the investment, the building of the main arena (part A), an office and service building (part B) and the sports and show arena (part C) are to be erected. The main building will house multipurpose fields, stands, welfare and sanitary facilities for sportsmen. Depending on the event organised, the arena will hold up to 7 300 people (5 300 in the stands, 2 000 on the playing field). Building B is intended for servicing the complex. There will be ticket offices, welfare and office facilities, conference rooms and a restaurant. The most important elements of Part C will be a training room, gyms, fitness room, conference rooms, and media facilities.
A transformer room and essential terminals will be also provided.

The total area included in the project equals around 102 000 square metres, including a buildings area (arena and accompanying buildings) of over 25 000 square metres.
Within the complex’s area additional sports facilities and green areas intended for leisure will be located. There will be also three fields designed, among other things, for basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Stations for table tennis, a skatepark and even a mini-amphitheatre for cultural events will also be provided.

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