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The University of Szczecin is 25 years old

Wednesday, 12/05/2010
The University of Szczecin is 25 years old

The ceremony will commence on 17 May at 20.00 with a concert “Through music into the world of values”, with the participation of a world -renowned pianist Piotr Paleczny, in the Holy Cross Church at ul. Wieniawskiego 4.

The University of Szczecin was created by the Sejm resolution of 21 July 1984, and the first inauguration of the first year took place on 30 September 1985. There were 4 faculties, 2  major institutes acting outside the faculties, and five interfaculty units, and the education took place for17 majors. Today, the University of Szczecin boasts 10 Faculties, 6 units: Academic Incubator of Innovation, Academic Career Office, Academic Cultural Centre, Archive, Main Library, Academic Publishing House and 3 interfaculty units: Academic Centre for Language Education, Interfaculty Pedagogical Education Department, and Physical Education and Sports Department.  The University educates over 30 thousand students on 37 majors, has about 90 thousand alumni, and employs 1148 didactic and scientific workers and 865 administrative staff.

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