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Szczecin - one billion PLN for clean water

Thursday, 13/05/2010
Szczecin - one billion PLN for clean water

Over one billion PLN was spent on the “Szczecin Water Quality Improvement” programme. Due to this programme, Szczecin will cease to be one of the Odra River’s and the Baltic Sea’s biggest poisoners. 

Every day in Szczecin, about 70 tonnes of waste is being created, which is practically entirely dumped into the Odra River. The Szczecin Water Quality Improvement” programme thathas been carried out since 2003 has improved this situation drastically. A summary of one of the biggest pro-ecological programmes in Europe was the “Clean water, better life. Szczecin’s investments protect the Odra River and Baltic Sea” conference. Its crowning will be the official opening of the “Pomorzany” sewage treatment plant, which construction was the programme’s most important goal.   

The “Szczecin Water Quality Improvement” programme, apart from creating the “Pomorzany” sewage treatment plant, included the construction of the “Zdroje” sewage treatment plant, 200 km of new water supply and sewerage system and the modernisation of 57 km of old-system water mains: ,,Miedwie - Kijewo” and ,,Warszewo – Mścięcino”, as well as water filtration halls on the activated carbon deposit in the Miedwie Water Production Plant. In total, there were 15 contracts to carry out, which have already been finalised.

The cost of the programme is EUR 282.2 million, 66% of which is covered by the European Union, EUR 71 million comes from the loan from the National and Provincial Fund of Environmental Protection and the Bank of Environmental Protection, and the Szczecin Water Supply System and Sewage System Company (Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o.) gave EUR 27 million.                                           

The “Szczecin Water Quality Improvement” programme was created to improve the residents’ quality of life. It will also provide protection for the natural environment according to international standards, and increase the region’s touristic attractiveness. Due to the comprehensive arrangement of the water supply and sewerage system, the city will cease to pollute the Odra River and the Baltic Sea, and the residents will no longer pay increased fees for polluting the natural environment (currently calculated and conditionally suspended fines have reached PLN 152 million!). 

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