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The Art Of Architecture

Dienstag, 09/11/2010
The Art Of Architecture

For several days now the city area has been the subject of conversations, exhibitions, and presentations. The new edition of Westival – an original Szczecin initiative devoted to the art of architecture – has begun.

The inauguration of the event took place on 5th November in Lentz Willa. The main features of the evening were “Matryca Przestrzeni” (Space Matrix) - a presentation made by a Cracow architect Krzysztof Ingarden - and a vernissage of several exhibitions.

During the next few days Szczecin residents had an opportunity to get to know the Szczecin’s architectural studios, see an exhibition of the photos of contemporary architecture and works of art that come from the La Défense district in the suburbs of Paris, and take part in a sightseeing trip with well-known tour guide Ryszard Kotla.

What is on for us in the nearest future? “Budzenie miasta” (“Waking up the city”), a concert by the Fractal Tree band, is going to take place tomorrow, on the 10th Nov, at 6 p.m. in Lotników Square. The city will resound to the mix of trip hop, jazz, drum'n'bass, breakbeat, rock and ambient.

Next week, ArchFilmFest - a documentary film festival organised as part of Westival - will take place. The screenings are supposed to trigger off discussions concerning the most important problems of contemporary architecture. The films are by no means dedicated to experts only – participants will have a chance to see extraordinary films made from a bird’s eye view “Brasilia” and “Oko nad Pragą” (“An eye over Praga”) which tell the story of a spectacular project by Jan Kaplicky, as well as the hopes and disappointments of this Czech architect.

Westival will last until the 3rd Dec 2010. More info to be found on: www.westival.szczecin.art.pl .

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