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Barbara Square - a ceremonial opening

Montag, 08/11/2010
Barbara Square - a ceremonial opening

Another Szczecin square has got a new look. This time the city has renovated the square located at the Sybiraków Roundabout and St. Barbara Street.

Several other areas, e.g. Janina Szczerska Square, the surroundings of Jeziorko Słoneczne, and Jakub Wujek Square, have been renovated this year.
St Barbara Square was officially opened by Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin.

“This is yet another place in Szczecin that has grown pretty this year. The city’s dwellers had been waiting long enough for this square to change its appearance. From now on they will finally have a place to meet” said the Mayor of Szczecin during the opening.

The renovation of St Barbara Square started in August this year. The tender for the reconstruction of the park was won by the Jan Rosiek and Dariusz Sobczyński Company from Szczecin. The renovation involved cleaning the whole communication and spatial system. The fire water reservoir has been removed, and new pathways leading to the central square have been established. Everything is planted with greenery. The place is lit with stylish street lamps. The paths are made of paving clinker and self-wedging gravel. What’s more, the square has been planted with trees, bushes and hedges of different colours and different decorative values. The new plants are e.g. English dogwood, Berberis, Cherry Laurel, Forthergilla major, and Kousa dogwood. New pavements have also been laid leading from Kołłątaja Street, Niemcewicza Street, and St Barbara Street. Street furniture has also appeared. St Barbara Square is yet another place that has been given a new look this year. Earlier Jakub Wujek Square, Szczerska Square, and Jeziorko Słoneczne had been reconstructed.

The cost of the investment is over 1 million zlotys.

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